The all-electric Vision Van features a launch pad for drones and is designed to make home deliveries more efficient.

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a prototype for Vision Van; its electric delivery van which has been developed to make home delivery faster and more efficient.

The Vision Van includes fully automated cargo loading and a launch pad for drones, which are able to drop off packages during the final stage of the delivery process.

The addition of drones will boost delivery times by up to 50% on the last mile, according to the company. For instance, if the van stops in a residential area, it will be able to deliver multiple packages to nearby homes autonomously by air as well as by hand.

Reduced delivery time

“The intelligent automation technology connects the entire process, from loading and transportation by road through to delivery to the consignee,” says Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz Vans.

“This makes it easier for the deliverer to do business and rapidly reduces the delivery time for end customers.”

Mercedes-Benz is incorporating smart technologies into the van, such a telematics unit which collects and processes data about the package delivery status.

Electric drive system

The van also comes equipped with 75 kW electric drive and has a range of between 80 and 270 kilometres.

Mornhinweg says: “Equipped with an electric drive system, the Vision Van not only operates locally emission-free, it also moves almost silently. This means that it can be operated in cities even during times when there are traffic restrictions or for late-night deliveries in residential areas.”

Mercedes-Benz has not commented about when they expect the Vision Van to roll out.